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Chew My Antlers
Elk Antler Powder 1 oz
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    Safe: Won't splinter or peel like typical bone chews. All sharp corners, edges, and points removed. All chews inspected for quality and cleanliness. Tasty: Unique flavor that dogs LOVE, especially the soft, spongy centers. Clean: Will help clean and whiten your dog's teeth. Antlers are clean and will not leave a mess. Durable: Will last longer than other chews, both natural and synthetic. Select antlers that are denser are nearly indestructible and wear slowly. Odorless: Virtually smell-free to humans, but have a unique scent dogs are attracted to again and again. Nutritious: Natural source of Calcium, Phosphorus, Magnesium, Iron, Potassium, Glucosamine, Collagen, and other nutrients. 100% Natural: Antlers are shed and regrown naturally every year (no animals harmed). NO chemicals or any substances added, and are non-allergenic… but they may become habit-forming