Q: Will my dog like antlers?

A: Most dogs go crazy for antlers and absolutely love to chew on them...antlers are like crack for dogs! Shed antlers are composed of once living, nutrient-loaded material that dogs and other animals are naturally attracted to due to the high nutritional value. If your dog is not attracted to the antler chew right away, or if it's completely new to them, coax them to taste it and get it in their mouth, or smear it with a little peanut butter or something else they like. Once your dog gets a taste and knows it's meant for chewing on, they will fall in love with it.

Q: Are antler chews good for my dog's teeth?

A: Antler chews are excellent for helping to clean and whiten your dog's teeth, with the potential to save you hundreds of dollars in teeth cleaning procedures. Antlers are also a natural source of bioavailable Calcium, Phosphorus, and other nutrients to support optimal bone, teeth, and joint health.

Q: Do antlers splinter?

A: Antlers do not splinter, peel or chip like typical bones. Antlers are nearly indestructible,designed by nature to be both strong and tough to withstand battles between 1,000+ pound testosterone-enraged bull elk during the mating season while competing for dominance. Antler chews wear slowly over time, but in the rare case that your dog breaks the antler, please take away and discard the pieces.

Q: Are the antlers treated or cleaned with any chemicals or other substance?

A: ChewMyAntlers dog chews are 100% natural and perfect just the way they are. No chemicals or substances are added to the antlers or used to clean them...they are scrubbed and rinsed clean with water only to remove loose dirt. No flavoring is added.

Q: How long will they last?

A: Antler chews will typically last much longer than regular bones. Antlers are rarely broken, and will wear slowly over time providing many hours, days, weeks, months, and in some cases even years of chewing enjoyment. Whole antler chews and tips that are dense with less spongy center exposed are the most durable and longest lasting.

Q: Should I choose a Whole or Split antler chew for my dog?

A: It depends. Most dogs prefer split chews due to more of the tasty, spongy, nutrient-rich center being exposed, but they typically won't last as long as a whole antler chew with less spongy center exposed. Whole antler chews are more durable than Splits, and are best for the most aggressive or frequent chewers. Split chews have been known to last well over a month, but depend on how aggressive and frequent the chewer is.

Split chews are excellent for teething puppies since they are softer in the middle allowing their teeth to sink in, and provide a great source of bioavailable nutrients for a developing puppy's body. Split chews are also great for older dogs, less aggressive or less frequent chewers, for a quick treat as a reward, or for helping to keep your dog calm and occupied (such as a long car ride or waiting in their kennel).

If your dog has never tried antlers before, it is recommended to start with a split chew to get your dog used to it, hooked on the flavor, and to see how long it lasts. Purchase another split if satisfied, or try a whole antler chew if you need something more durable that will last longer.

Q: What size antler chew is most appropriate for my dog?

A: Antler chews must be appropriately sized to prevent possible swallowing or choking. Antlers will wear slowly over time and get smaller from chewing, so they should be taken away if they become small enough to pose a potential choking hazard. The following weight ranges provide approximate antler chew size guidelines for your dog as minimum recommendations (going a size bigger will last longer and may further ensure it will not be a potential choking hazard):

  • Mini - under 15 lbs
  • Small - under 40 lbs
  • Smedium - under 55 lbs
  • Medium - under 65 lbs
  • Large - over 65 lbs
  • GIANT - over 85 lbs

Q: Do the antlers smell?

A: Antlers have a unique aroma and scent that dogs are attracted to due to their natural state and nutritional content. Split antler chews may have a slight odor, but whole antler chews or tips with minimum spongy center exposed are virtually odorless (unless you make a habit of sticking them up your nose).

Q: Where do the antlers come from?

A: The antlers used to make ChewMyAntlers dog chews come from some of the finest elk breeding ranches in the Midwest United States. Almost all elk ranches in North America are family-owned and operated small businesses or hobby farms, and purchasing from ChewMyAntlers supports them too. All animals are well cared for, healthy, happy, and are certified disease-free by the DNR, Department of Agriculture, and/or other state wildlife agency. No animals are harmed or killed in the antler collection process. Antlers are a renewable resource that are grown and shed every year.

Q: Why choose ChewMyAntlers elk antler dog chews for my dog?

A: The #1 mission of ChewMyAntlers is to provide a quality product and superior service to our customers, all at a reasonable price that is below the market average. We can offer this because of our values, expertise, and competitive advantages. We craft and sell elk antler dog chews because they truly are a wonderful product that customers appreciate and the consumers absolutely love. The core business value of our company is that we will only offer a product that is both good, and that the customers actually want. If elk antler dog chews were not a desirable product, we'd be serving only ourselves instead of the customer, which is not what we're about.

When crafting our antler chews by hand, we take the extra time and effort to remove all shsarp edges, corners, and points from every chew for your dog's safety, which most in the antler chew business frankly don't do. We also strive to use only fresh antlers that are in the most ideal condition for chewing. Many retailers, especially the big box chain stores, get their antlers from suppliers or antler brokers who buy and resell antlers for dog chews without knowing how old they are, where they came from, and even without adequately assessing the quality of the product they are passing on.

Those who choose ChewMyAntlers, "chews" wisely.

Q: What if I have any special requests regarding my order?

A: All antlers and antler chews are unique and may vary in shape, color, size, smell etc. Many customers also have a wide range of different preferences about the antler chews they want for their dogs. If you have any specific requests about what you want shipped to you, please enter the request in the Comments/Special Instruction box provided on the form when placing your order. We will try our best to accommodate your special requests, but cannot guarantee we'll be able to satisfy them all 100%.