Featured Chew My Antlers Happy Customer: Raji from June 02 2013

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Raji is one of our top happy customers! He is quite the chewer, and routinely dominates antler chews much larger than the recommended minimum size for his stature. The post below is about Raji, written by Shelley Peterson.

Raji is a miniature Australian Shepherd and we got him from a breeder in Wisconsin. We couldn’t decide on a name so we kept the one the breeder gave him. They told us they named all the puppies after a Packer’s player so Raji is named after the player BJ Raji. Raji has an endless amount of energy and the only time he takes a break is to chew his bones. That is the only way to keep him calm for a short period of time. He is an extremely smart dog and learns very fast. He gets used to the routine in the morning before we leave. We will brush our teeth or put a bag by the door and he will be waiting in his kennel for us to shut the door and give him a treat.

He can do some tricks such as sit, down, stay, shake, circle, and roll over. He has been to puppy training, along with intermediate, and agility class. We thought it would be a good idea for him to wear off some of his energy at agility class. Raji’s favorite thing to do is play fetch. He could do this 24/7 and keeps going even if he gets a little worn out. If you’re ever in the mood to play fetch with him all you have to do is tell him to go find his ball and he will come to you ready to play. You will never be bored with him because he is by your side all the time. He is shy at first when he meets new people but we are working on that. He also loves giving puppy kisses once he gets to know you.

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