Ollie the Whippet - October 07 2013

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This is Ollie, and he’s an antler addict. Ollie is one of the top antler consumers, if not THE top consumer, that Chew My Antlers caters to. 

Ollie is absolutely crazy about antlers. He chews them constantly, likes to carry them around in his mouth like cigars, and even brings them to bed. Ollie is described as the world’s happiest puppy, and just plain silly. I’ve been told he also has a thing for owls, but professionally speaking, it is not a known side-effect of antler chewing.

Ollie is an American Kennel Club show dog, and half way to his conformation championship. One thing (of many) that Ollie has been complimented on by AKC judges in the show ring is how white and clean his teeth are… which IS a known side effect of antler chewing. Meet Ollie and see him at a Minnesota AKC show near you and see for yourself! He was bred by Kay Nierengarten of Northwind Whippets, who’s been breeding, showing, and coursing Whippets since 1980. Check out their website if you want to know more about Whippets or possibly get one for yourself.

In addition to his battles with antler addiction and living the AKC show life, Ollie is also an accomplished athlete. Ollie finished his Field Champion Title in ASFA (American Sighthound Field Association) Lure Coursing Saturday October 5th and was awarded Best in Field, meaning he was the top competitor there beating all other breeds including Greyhounds, Salukis, Basenjis, and other champion Whippets. Ollie’s coursing success is primarily attributed to his coach Lisa, and partially attributed to his obsessive antler chewing. While chewing Chew My Antlers elk antler dog chews is known to have performance enhancing effects, it is undetectable by modern science.

Pictures of Ollie coursing were taken by Kent of Big Paw Prints:

Video of Ollie coursing:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VAyaQcj4wyk

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